The “Gove’s”

Throughout the year, we get visitors who whip out their wallets and flash their driver’s licenses – what are they showing us? Their first or last name, and sometimes their hometown (as if we wouldn’t believe them, but most provide proof!) The Fick Fossil and History Museum has had many “Fick” and “Oakley” visitors, and many more from Oakley, New York – Oakley, California – Oakley, Utah – and Oakley, Idaho!

Yesterday, the Fick Museum had a one of a kind visitor! His last name was GOVE! For all of you that are just passing by our blog, “Gove” is one of our neighboring counties (The Fick Fossil Museum is located in Logan County). Many fossils specimens throughout our permanent collection were found throughout Gove County.

“Mr. Gove” explained to us that actually his father’s last name was something different, another name that started with a “G”. His father was in the United States Navy, and after his active duty was up, he wanted to re-enlist. In order to do this, he changed his last name, to Gove, and reapplied. He has been a “Gove” ever sense!

We enjoyed meeting “Mr. Gove” and look forward to meeting more of the “Gove’s” out there!



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