Norman Rockwell : Home for the Holidays : Saturday Evening Post Covers : Blog #23

Liberty Girl, 1943

Liberty Girl by Norman Rockwell

The alternative title to this artwork is “Rosie to the Rescue

Norman had five Saturday Evening Post cover in 1943, this is the 4th.

The original oil on canvas’ whereabouts are unknown. However, a charcoal sketch is owned by the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

With this individual artwork, Norman Rockwell was showing how important women were to the war. If women had not pitched in soldiers would have run out of (the very least) supplies, food, and clothing. Liberty Girl is carrying items to show many of the different jobs and tasks women preformed to keep our country afloat.

A few items she is carrying:

– a telephone operators headset – oil can – hoe – mop – watering can – pipe wrench – tailor’s scissors

She also is wearing a train conductors hat & a nurses’ cap – all while delivering milk!


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