Archive Tuesday

We are getting very excited for Jim “Lucky” Ball – he will be performing his Sword Swallowing Routine on Saturday, February 28th at 2:15 pm –

While going through our archives – we found this photograph from 1973 – when the Circus made a visit to Oakley !circus 001


The “Gove’s”

Throughout the year, we get visitors who whip out their wallets and flash their driver’s licenses – what are they showing us? Their first or last name, and sometimes their hometown (as if we wouldn’t believe them, but most provide proof!) The Fick Fossil and History Museum has had many “Fick” and “Oakley” visitors, and many more from Oakley, New York – Oakley, California – Oakley, Utah – and Oakley, Idaho!

Yesterday, the Fick Museum had a one of a kind visitor! His last name was GOVE! For all of you that are just passing by our blog, “Gove” is one of our neighboring counties (The Fick Fossil Museum is located in Logan County). Many fossils specimens throughout our permanent collection were found throughout Gove County.

“Mr. Gove” explained to us that actually his father’s last name was something different, another name that started with a “G”. His father was in the United States Navy, and after his active duty was up, he wanted to re-enlist. In order to do this, he changed his last name, to Gove, and reapplied. He has been a “Gove” ever sense!

We enjoyed meeting “Mr. Gove” and look forward to meeting more of the “Gove’s” out there!


Advertising Pencil Collection added to Permanent Display

Over the years, Oakley mortician Don Hall collected pencils (and pens too!) that businesses gave away to advertise their shops! This summer, his collection was donated by his son and daughter. Don had a joy for finding and collecting each unique one! The current display is his own design.

They are from all over the United States but many are from Kansas, and several are from stores that were once on Center Avenue (our local main street) here in Oakley.


We could tell you how many are in his total collection, but that would be unfair !

We are currently having a Pencil Guessing Contest! Come into the Fick Fossil and History Museum; Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm and take a guess as to how many neat and unique pencils are in his collection!





A Spook-tacular Time at Night at the Fick Museum

Sunday, October 27th, was our very first “Night at the Fick Museum”. Since the museum was completely dark, it was extremely hard for us to get any pictures but a fun night was had by all! The Museum had over 90 night visitors, most dressed in costume and ready with flashlight in hand. After receiving a glow necklace or bracelet, each visitors explored to Museum in the dark, peering and peaking into each display case and exhibit, with only their flashlight to guide them.

After the Dark exploration, we all snacked on Halloween Treats and sent everyone home with coloring books, glow in the dark stickers and tattoos. The Fick Museum was thrilled with the wonderful turn out, and we look forward to doing this event next year!