Did you know? – Pencil Trivia –

What is the difference between a “Right-Handed Pencil” and a “Left-Handed Pencil” ?

I can tell you that the two museum staff members working yesterday didn’t know!

Two RV traveling retired couples visited us, both from Kentucky and on their way to the Grand Canyon, and they were the ones that asked a new and “stumping” question! After seeing our Don Hall Pencil Collection, (and making their guess!) they shared a story with us:

When one of the visiting gentlemen purchased advertising pencils, for this business, he ordered “Left-Handed Pencils”. Once his order was delivered, he rejected it as the order was “Right-Handed Pencils”. As he explained (and try at home!) when you hold a pencil, you should be able to read the advertising on the pencil. If you are right-handed and the print on the pencil is legible, it’s a right handed pencil. If you hold that same pencil in your left hand, the print will be backwards.

Our pencils at the Fick Fossil and History Museum are right handed pencils!

photo (2)

Our “Right-Handed Pencil” in a right hand – see how you can read the advertising?


Our “Right-Handed Pencil” in a left hand

We hope you stop in and enjoy our new advertising pencil collection as much as we do!


Advertising Pencil Collection added to Permanent Display

Over the years, Oakley mortician Don Hall collected pencils (and pens too!) that businesses gave away to advertise their shops! This summer, his collection was donated by his son and daughter. Don had a joy for finding and collecting each unique one! The current display is his own design.

They are from all over the United States but many are from Kansas, and several are from stores that were once on Center Avenue (our local main street) here in Oakley.


We could tell you how many are in his total collection, but that would be unfair !

We are currently having a Pencil Guessing Contest! Come into the Fick Fossil and History Museum; Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm and take a guess as to how many neat and unique pencils are in his collection!